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"Started training in May with Rebako! 

I've struggle with a knee injury for years. Rebeko said he would make it better, didn't believe this at first but wow I can now kneel on it.. Yes it still hurts some days but I can move it now. 

Passion & push & drive is unreal. Weight loss is something else. 

Was a size 22 now getting into size 14 & 12.. �This is looking very close for next year holidays.. 
Full credit to you.. Thank you. Now I'm hooked on going 5 days a week. The journey as only just begun.   
So training us the SPARTAN Way is the only way.. 
Fantastic place get results.. 
Give it go.. 🏋🏋"





Starting Weight                       Current Weight

April 2016                                                                       December 2016

???                                                                                     ???

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